Tram Sandwich – Theatre created within 48 hours!


Phew! I had an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable weekend creating Tram Sandwich with The Gramophones, Quirksome, Coruscate and The Actors Workshop. We managed to get plenty of material together, and the performance, done upstairs at Bunkers Hill pub, went without a hitch. Pretty miraculous, when you consider it was all done within about 19 hours, and without a budget. Our lovely audience had a great time, and even made their own contributions. The range of material and daft but extremely funny puns, all done around the theme of Nottingham Stories, were much appreciated. Thanks so much to Tim Evans, Hannah Stone, Kristy Guest, Ria Ashcroft, Gareth Morgan and Leon Wilmans for a fun and happy collaboration. Thanks also to Kath Akers and Tilly Branson, for their help, and Bunkers Hill, for having us.


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