“Not Much Matches Mansfield” – Amazing Community Theatre!

When you imagine all that could have gone wrong for the performances of “Not Much Matches Mansfield” at the weekend, its extraordinary that it was such a huge success. There were 5 stages in 5 locations around the town centre, a band, a brass band, gospel singers, a children’s choir and a cast of what seemed like thousands! Despite the torrential rain on Friday, we had sunshine throughout both days – not bad when you consider the abysmal weather of the past few weeks, and the fact that the peformances lasted three and a half hours – and the cast did a fantastic job. Above you can see the main stage in the Market Square, and the formidable Widow Frost, played by Dee Husband. Congratulations to the writer, Kevin Fegan, and the director, Chris Neil, and all the lovely people who took part. I had a wonderful time assisting on the three Market Square shows, and feel proud to have been involved in such a brilliant community event.

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