TiG, Antigone and September’s Stinxville…

There is a lot going on in September. Now that our Nottingham story TiG also includes a retelling of Antigone, we’re going to be working on the movement of the masked characters with two circus-performers from Circumedia, and Movement Director Cat Boot next month. Lakeside Theatre has very kindly allowed us to use their Performing Arts Studio for our workshop. This will allow us to explore the exciting visual elements of Greek masked theatre, alongside new ideas on lifts and acrobatics in theatre performance.

I find the blending of dance, acrobatics and commedia dell arte techniques incredibly exciting and moving in theatrical productions, but feel the challenge is to keep the movement relevant and meaningful to the piece. Its an increasingly popular style, and although many productions make excellent choices, some shows at the Edinburgh Fringe demonstrated that the temptation to add in a performer’s favourite  “acro” move can be hard to resist. We’ll have to ensure that there is a clear and justifiable reason for our choices, and not get carried away by actors getting carried away! 

Stinxville will be making an appearance at Create’s website launch event on the evening of September 19th in Mansfield. We are looking forward to spreading the mayhem!

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