Latest Development on TiG

We’ve been on a bit of a journey with TiG over the last two days. Having Circumedia performers Amber Martin and Truan Matthias, together with actress Monika Johnson, composer Matthew Marks and movement director Catherine Boot, I felt as if we needed a couple of months, not just 14 hours! As a writer and director, it was like finding Christmas has arrived before you’ve even made a gift-list. There were so many amazing possibilities. Finally seeing the marettas and masks moving scenes from naturalism to stylised physical theatre was very liberating: things that I had known were possible in my mind, came to life in front of me. Antigone walked in to an office party, and we were suddenly in ancient Greece. The music carried us from a cheesy slow dance, in to pure ecstatic love, with a fearless young woman being lifted and spun by her lover. A modern day war-survivor conjoured her dead brother, an uneathly masked ghost, in to a sterile hospital bedroom. And a damaged young girl from Nottingham made her first tentative efforts to form a real human realtionship, after being buried in anger and confusion her whole life.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in an extraordinary workshop, and thanks also to Lakeside Theatre, for giving us the studio space to work in. We have lots of film footage to go through, and we’ll post a sample of it as soon as its ready.


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