A Little Extra at the Bridge Tavern…

We are always keen to offer opportunities for our audience’s involvement, so we are holding an informal “Stinxville” workshop at the Bridge Tavern in Mansfield on Monday November 19th. This will be a chance to chat to cast members, learn some of the songs, maybe have a bit of a dance, (nothing too strenuous!) and find out more about the background to the show, before the performance of “A Stinxville Christmas” at Create on December 1st. Whether you’ve seen it, or know nothing about the production, this is an opportunity to find out more about the very untraditional take this piece has on its ancient influences, and give us your thoughts, in a pleasant social setting.

There is no charge for this event, and we’re aiming for enjoyment and informality, so if you fancy an evening of fun and nattering, come and join us at around 7.30pm at the Bridge Tavern.

See you there…





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