Stories for inclusion in “Patchwork Lives”


We’re receiving some fabulous stories about the women who inspired our contributors. If you’d like to participate in the start of Patchwork Lives, a new piece by Arletty Theatre, just send us a few lines about a woman who inspired you and why. We’re thrilled that many of the examples coming in are about grandmothers and aunts, but it doesn’t have to be a relative: it could be a friend, an acquaintance, or a woman you read about in a book. The stories will be sewn in to a patchwork quilt, and retold to audiences in exchange for their contributions as they sew. We want to create a work that remembers the stories of women who might otherwise be overlooked. A piece gathering memories from the people of Nottinghamshire, combining crafting and storytelling.

Patchwork Lives begins its life at Hatch: Mass on Wednesday the 12th of December, at Spanky Van Dykes, 7-late. We hope you can take part. Please tell anyone you think may be interested in taking part…
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