Patchwork Lives further development…

Patchwork Quilt after Hatch


Above you can see the patchwork quilt from Patchwork Lives at Hatch: MASS last Wednesday. Maddy, Anna and I had an extraordinary evening, telling stories and having them told to us by our audience, while stitching them in to a quilt. It was lovely to have so many contributors eager to tell us about women who had inspired them, and to hear about some of the experiences and achievements of those women. Our thanks to Hatch for a great start to the project. The material is being woven: the fabric will be rich.

We intend to collect stories and stitch the quilt over the coming weeks. In February, we are delighted to say Patchwork Lives has been chosen to be part of New Perspectives’ Lab Weeks. So we now have an opportunity to develop an exciting piece of theatre, devised from the fascinating stories Nottingham folk have given us. We plan to tour the finished piece to small venues.



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