Stories from Patchwork Lives

We’ve been gathering so many funny and moving stories about the women who have affected and shaped the lives of the people of Nottingham, that we decided to ask a couple of our contributors to let us put their recordings on this blog. They were happy about it, so here are two lovely pieces to give you a sample of “Patchwork Lives”, an exciting new play created around the stories given to us by our community. They both last around just 3 minutes, but we feel they’re incredibly powerful despite their brevity. Please have a listen and enjoy! “Patchwork Lives” will have a first performance Upstairs at the Western on March 28th. We’re delighted to say that if you come along early, people from Project Linus ( will be doing a demonstration of the kind of work their amazing organisation does, creating beautiful patchwork quilts for children suffering from cancer. “Patchwork Lives” will be touring from the beginning of May – we’ll be putting dates up on this page very soon…

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