Patchwork Lives Tour Starts This Thursday!

We begin our tour this Thursday at Mansfield’s Create, and we are really looking forward to going back to this great venue. The following evening (Friday) we’re at Chilwell Arts Theatre. Tickets for the performance at Nottingham Contemporary at 7pm on May 11th will be available for sale there from tomorrow.

Rehearsals have been pretty manic, with the ever-increasing list of “things you can do with an A-frame ladder” expanding hourly, and a highly enjoyable day spent with the lovely Kath Akers, who gave us some extra help in rehearsals on the stories of Artemisia Gentileschi and the “Army of Grandmas”.

Story-Gathering, as always, continues. This week we were with the wonderful 2 O’clock Club in Chilwell, which was a great pleasure, and next week we’re looking forward to a session at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green. We’ve been asked to include the play in the “100 Deeds” project, an event marking the 100th anniversary of Emily Davison’s stepping out in to the path of the King’s horse at Epsom. The story of another of Davison’s actions was contributed to and appears in “Patchwork Lives”, so this seems very appropriate, and we’ll be delighted to take part. Do have a look at to find out more about this fascinating project.

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