“Patchwork Lives” at St. Peter’s Centre, Mansfield

Patchwork Lives at St. Peter's

Bit of a fuzzy photo, but we were just so thrilled to have a full house! Thursday’s visit to St. Peter’s Centre, Mansfield, was also thrilling because one of the stories in the play, “The Watchful Miss Weddell” is set in the church to which the centre is attached. It was amazing to be right where the piece takes place. Miss Dorothy Janet Weddell was in charge of the choir at St. Peter’s, as well as being headmistress of High Oakham School. She was clearly an extraordinary and influential woman, and it was great to add that little extra relevance by performing a story about her so close to where she lived her life. 

Our heartfelt thanks to the Tina and the wonderful team at St. Peter’s, who made our visit and performance so enjoyable. The audience was full of enthusiasm and we had quite a crowd looking at the quilt at the end of the show – something we really love to see. It was a great experience, and we can’t wait to come back!

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