The Secret in the Attic…

There always is one! There is in Patchwork Lives, but we’ve put a twist on the convention. Usually, its a “mad-woman”, but in our play, you could argue that the mad-woman is free, and roaming around our imaginations – or at least, the stage. So instead of a dark sinister room with a permanently swaying rocking-chair, or low cackling laugh echoing from within, ours is totally silent, and overflowing with a brilliant white light. That way, when we eventually take you inside, you are engulfed in its difference, struck by how little silence there is in our lives, and you really, really listen to the story it holds inside its shivering walls.

Patchwork Lives has two more performances at Buxton Fringe’s URC, this evening and tomorrow. Then we’re at Mansfield Museum for a 2pm show on July 18th, and preparing for our tour in September. We’re beginning to feel we might have a “life-changing show”, to go with the story of the “Life-Changing Wall” we tell.

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