Tricky Times and Bouncing Back with “Saving Declan Clare”…

After the highs of Buxton and the lows of last week, we’re bouncing back in a big way. So we have our 5 stars, and great reviews, but last week had more than its share of disappointments, so now we’re planning a new production. We hope to tour Patchwork Lives through the autumn, after a little more refining, while developing our new “musical fantasy” Saving Declan Clare! Ambitious, yes. Impossible, no, (she says, optimistically).

Saving Declan Clare is about the strange isolation our super-speed multi-communication lives can lead to. You can be “chatting” to people all day, and all night, but never see a soul. It’s about love, and loneliness, and kidnapping. We’ll be looking for an extraordinary actor for a read/sing-through in the next few weeks, and maybe even a rehearsed reading, so watch this space.

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