The Lion Within…

We had a fantastic afternoon at NETworks Masterclasses on Sunday afternoon. NETworks (Nottingham Emerging Theatre Works) is a group of theatre companies at various stages of development from this area. The New Art Exchange kindly hosted this afternoon for us, and we took part in two sessions. First, Ria Ashcroft (of Nott Circus, and The Gramophones) did a session on using acro-balance and counter-balance in making theatre. I’m very interested in using circus techniques, as you can see from the work we’ve done on TiG elsewhere on this website, so this was brilliant. I find something really moving in performers lifting one another.

Then Movement Director Kitty Winter did a session in which we all searched for ways to embody animals she had chosen for us to select from. I went for the lion, and loved the fact that we started with how the animal breathes. This not only meant we didn’t all just crawl around the floor trying to eat each other, but gave us an insight in to the internal rhythm of the creature.

We finished the session by deciding what the animals would be if they were human. So a toad was a retired taxi-driver, a fox worked “remotely”, and my lion was a corrupt South American General. Bit of a cliché, but I saw him as the kind of guy who wears dozens of medals, never having earned any of them, and operates in a strictly supervisory role, ie doesn’t actually do any work!

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