A Show Is Born…

So we are just over a week away from the first sharing of Saving Declan Clare, our new musical fantasy, and I’m experiencing that scary expectant feeling you get when you prepare to reveal your new “baby” to the world. This time though, it probably means even more to me than usual. You see, this time I’ve written a piece for the sheer love of it, and I don’t care how indulgent that sounds. I had no choice with this one.

Some times a play writes itself. The characters just start talking in your head, and you couldn’t not write it if you tried. Saving Declan Clare is one of those. Deechy Flynn, with all her mad, lonely passion, all her humour and determination, just started calling out of the ether, and Declan Clare, with his measured dry wit and total lack of self-pity, was right behind her. One from Galway, the other from Belfast… I fell in love with them both, and just typed what they said. I even tried initially to give them a sad ending, but they wouldn’t have it. “Oh no you don’t” they cried, “we’re after having a bit of joy here”, so that’s what I wrote.

And then there’s the songs. I didn’t get much choice with them either. They just seemed to arrange themselves. So we’ll have to see how it all goes. The actors seem to like it, and I can’t wait to see what happens to it as when they start working on it. That’s the joy of handing over some thing you’ve nurtured and developed to a group of talented performers – it changes and grows. It’s hugely exciting, and I can’t wait to see Deechy and Declan coming to life and striding amongst us!

We’re delighted to say that Patchwork Lives will be performing at Quenilborough Village Hall on Saturday November the 16th.


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