Tickets for Patchwork Lives in Lowdham Available!

Maria's MiracleAfter much furrowing of brows, our Patchwork Lives performance in Lowdham on November the 2nd is now live on Eventbrite! You can purchase tickets by going on-line and finding the Eventbrite listing at:

We’re delighted to say that Lowdham’s fabulous book shop, The Bookcase, will have a stall full of literature by inspiring women, at this performance. So you can watch some inspirational theatre and buy an inspirational book to take home!

The play and its music have developed so much throughout the year. The whole experience of gathering stories from local people has been amazing. And it’s still ongoing. We’re now planning how best to ensure that the “Quilt of Patchwork Lives” and its legacy are handed on when the production is over.

This ever-growing patchwork quilt will then be covered with the writing of every contributor, detailing their story. It is already quite a sight to see, and everyone seems to love touching the tactile squares of colourful fabric. It’s as diverse and extraordinary as the community who helped create it.

We look forward to seeing you in Lowdham!


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