“The Ghost of Radcliffe Grange”

I had an amazing afternoon at Radcliffe on Trent’s Creative Stitching Group. Many, many thanks to the lovely Creative Stitchers who were incredibly hospitable – considering I pretty much gate-crashed their meeting because I couldn’t find a ‘phone number to contact them on!

Many stories were swapped and Sue, who works at the Grange, told us about the Ghost, which she has seen! Here’s the story:

Until the stables at the Grange were pulled down, nobody had ever seen the Ghost, but after the buildings were demolished, she began to make her presence known. Sue herself has seen the figure, a young woman in a cloak, dress and boots, with her hair in ringlets. On one occasion she left a single white footprint on a dark tiled floor. On another, the staff had set up a room with trestle tables, and came in the next day to find them all tipped over… and surrounded by a circle of chairs!

Radcliffe Creative StitchingSome of Radcliffe Creative Stitching Group

I wondered whether her connection with the stables means her cloak is a riding-habit? She does no real harm, and Sue says she’s now quite fond of her. She’s going on to our patchwork quilt of stories, and may even make her way in to the show on Saturday at Radcliffe British Legion, 7pm in the Old Kitchen.

Come and join us in the House of Echoing Stories…



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