Theatre and Untheatre…

Eva GrammaOur new lighting and the beautiful dining room of Radcliffe Hall made Saturday’s show hugely atmospheric and exciting. I love doing theatre in untheatre-like settings. If you use your ingenuity, it makes for a far more dramatic effect. The audience was enthralled, and the fruitcake went down well too! Here are a few audience comments:

“I lived every story. All so well told.”

“Well performed, good mixture of stories. Advertise more!” (we’re trying!)

“Brilliant… Quilter’s lovely voice and brilliant teamwork with the ghost.” (aaaaw shucks!)

“Really good – interesting use of props!”

“Brilliant – so original and entertaining.”

PL Rad ShadowsWe’re thinking about how we can include even more people and their stories in the project, as well as maybe make a bit of money for charity, so watch this space! We could just be about to embark on making a GIGANTIC quilt of stories….


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