The Flame Never Dies…

As preparations for Swan Canaries‘ rehearsals starting tomorrow, reaches fever pitch, its all getting very exciting. Our fantastic creative team includes composer Matt Marks, movement director Kitty Winter, and dramaturg Andy Barrett, as well as actors Hannah Stone, Emma Hayes, Ria Ashcroft, Anna Sanderson and Angela Warren. An ocean of talent!

I went out for a walk this morning, as the weather was beautiful, and saw a moving reminder of how much we need to remember those lost. I’ve noticed before that a bunch of flowers with a poignant dedication is always tied to a tree in Mapperley Park at this time of year, but this time I also saw this at the foot of the tree.

Moving ReminderIt seems so important to us to not let memory die. Lives are lost, and candles go out, but rememberance is the flame we seek to cherish.

I was at Nottingham University talking to Professor Elizabeth Harvey about the themes of the play on Friday, and she showed me an extract from Vera Brittain’s writing, about the absence of memorials to women killed in WWI. Its interesting to see that there were a few people voicing this concern at the time.

So, all the more important then to create a really good play, to rekindle the memory of these munition workers, just a few of the million or so women who risked their health, and their lives, to provide munitions for the men at the front. They accurately believed that they were working to save lives. I hope we’re can enable audiences to add them to their memory-banks, and pass on their story to future generations.







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