Coming soon… A Magical Tail With a Twist in It

Red in HoopTyrannical fashionista Indigo Higgins drives everyone around her to the brink of insanity with her ruthless pursuit of ‘physical perfection’ in the models modelling the ‘House of Higgins’ fashion line. No one is thin enough, or tall enough, or pretty enough, and supermodel Flea hasn’t eaten since Wednesday, but Indigo Higgins still isn’t satisfied! Then, the night before the grand opening, a mysterious stranger appears, wandering around Indigo’s country estate. Believing the bedraggled figure is a tramp, she threatens to set the dogs on him. But he just smiles an unsettling smile, and tells her that her life is about to change forever… The next day Indigo Higgins awakes to find her own body will never be the same again!

Our fantastical musical yarn for families and young people will hit the stage around Christmas. Exploring body-image and eating disorders, through a combination of fashion, film-noir, aerial acrobatics and fairytale, The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins will be a feast for the eyes, the ears and the mind. We will be working with an aerial artist, and some fantastic musical actors, so watch this space for updates about this exciting new project!

Swan Canaries is going from strength to strength after winning its award, and we’re planning more performances of a new improved Patchwork Lives too, so its all go at Arletty Theatre!



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