We want to meet performers…

Arletty Theatre wants to meet excellent performers we haven’t yet got to know. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline, and we need to find the people we’ll be working with.

Artistic Director Imogen Joyce is also our writer, and she enjoys collaborating with artists around their skills. In other words, we want to create innovative musical theatre which forefronts the abilities of those involved.

We won’t be auditioning for specific roles. Instead, we’d like to hold a workshop, and work with a group of performers to see what we all have to offer one another.

We’re particularly interested in experienced physical performers who can sing, or play a musical instrument, or have circus or aerial skills. Please send photographs and CVs with a covering letter to info@arlettytheatre.co.uk.

We’ll make a list of performers we feel it would be good to meet, and invite them to take part in a workshop in October. Please make sure you look at our website and talk about why you think you’d like to work with us in your letter. Its important that you understand what we do.

We look forward to hearing from you!




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