The Unfurling Workshop

Kitty Randle as Flea the starving fashion-model

Our workshop was a joy on Sunday. I worked with Toby Bradford, Dan Webber, Ava Hunt, Ria Ashcroft, Darren Daly and Kitty Randle on the scripts of Stinxville and The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins. The challenges included working in verse, playing non-human characters, having a tail, and, well, going back to Stinxville, which is a pretty antisocial environment at the best of times. We had a hoot, with the actors creating wonderful new walks and accents for their rich interpretations.

Dan as WoodsmanDan was a bit of a dare-devil, stepping of the precipice to sing part of the script to his own tune, and giving the Wicked Tailor a French accent, which was hilarious, and Darren gave the Woodsman an underlying air of Mack the Knife! Kitty was a delightful Flea, suffering in her hunger for fried onions, and Ria’s ability to demonstrate her nose being overweight was very funny. In case this sounds more bizarre than usual, The Unfurling is about body-image, and our ability to find fault with ourselves, but there’s also a bit of magic in there for good measure, hence a talking fox, and an extremely naughty acrobatic monkey. Ava was disturbingly good as a tyrannical egomaniac, and Toby was an urbane and thoughtful fox.


I have tonnes of new ideas about the characters, as a result of these talented folks getting their paws on them, and I can’t wait to start work on our Christmas ‘Scratch ‘n’ Sniff ‘ Party, when we will be unveiling a little snippet of both shows, under the guise of have a jolly good jamboree!

Our thanks to Ned’s for hosting us, and to Penny for making us so welcome.


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