Grant Aid Funding for Our Patchwork Quilt of Stories

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We’re delighted to say that we’ve been given Grant Aid funding for the next stage of our Stories of Inspiring Women project!

We began stitching our Patchwork Quilt of Lives back in 2012, and its still growing! We have over 110 stories, given by the people of Nottinghamshire. Each one is detailed on a square of the quilt. We’ve created two musical plays from this unique archive so far, with a third on the way, and we continue to take it out and about for talks, story-gatherings and workshops – so it really is a treasure-trove.

We feel Notts CC’s funding demonstrates how important these stories are. They are an untapped history (or ‘herstory’) of  the women who shaped the people of our community, and they’re fascinating, often funny, and always inspiring. There are women from Nottingham, Mansfield, Derbyshire, Jamaica, Pakistan, Greece, India, Poland, France, Scotland, Ireland, America, and the Gypsy community. There are many heroes amongst these women, and they continue to influence the lives of those who gave us their stories, as well as influencing ours now! And here they are…

Quilt 2016



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