Stinxville at The Maypole



Pictures by Laura Ward

Well, that was a blast! Stinxville returned triumphantly, with a wonderful cast and a great run at the Maypole in Derby. Above you can see Emily Vinnicombe as MeMe, Laura Mae Mellor as LaLa, Howard Grater as MadBad, Helen Crevel as FiFi and Andrew Lindfield as The Wicked Tailor.


There was much hilarity, with audiences singing and high-kicking their way through the Wicked City, stopping off at the Bath-House Night-Club, getting arrested by the world’s smallest policeman, Albert, and ending up on trial for their lives in the Court.


Here are some of the fabulous responses we’ve had:

“Its just beautiful. It fills me with joy!”

“A totally immersive experience. I was in another world. When someone said it was the last Act, I didn’t want it to end!”

“Brilliant! You can join in as little or as much as you like.”

Stinxville is an innovative festive musical for all ages, which draws its audience in to a joyous and fantastical world where Cake is the main currency! It works best as a promenade or in traverse, and is a fabulous night out you won’t forget!


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