The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins

We launched our musical for young people and families, The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins, in July 2015. Here’s some audience feedback, and the review from Buxton Fringe.

Audience responses:

“A wonderful show, that was charming from beginning to end… Inspiring! The body image theme is very cleverly told. I certainly think you should take it into schools.”

“This production has the capacity to engage with many groups of people – particularly youngsters.”

“Children these days suffer lots of peer pressure – this play will help them find their true selves.”

Buxton Fringe Review

Following their success with last year’s award-winning Swan Canaries, Arletty Theatre return with an engaging new musical. ‘The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins’ is not only a sparkling and intriguing story, but also brings an important message about the need for body positivity in today’s media dominated society.

a contemporary fairytale… the musical tackles important, heavy issues in a fun, exciting way.

This is an energetic, inventive performance from a talented cast.

Annie Osborne

Fashionista Indigo Higgins drives everyone to despair, bullying her models, and terrorising those around her. Everyone is too fat, too short, too wobbly or too floppy, and Supermodel Flea hasn’t eaten since Wednesday, but Indigo Higgins isn’t satisfied.

Decamping to her country estate she runs in to a scruffy stranger. Convinced he is a tramp, she threatens to set the dogs on him, but he just smiles mysteriously, and tells her that soon her life will change forever. The next morning Indigo Higgins discovers she will never be the same again!


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