Stinxville – a rip-roaring romp of a show, which takes the audience on a frantic quest for CAKE!

          Images by Laura Ward

This is a unique theatre experience, with the audience promenading round five sumptuous locations with a band of hilarious miscreants. Warm and comic, Stinxville is about the joy of being a little bit naughty, celebrating individuality and having fun. Great for families (children of 8 and upwards) and cake-lovers of all ages.

Audience reactions:

“Its just beautiful. It fills me with joy!”

“love the family friendly feel, although definitely not a ‘kids’ show… great fun for all”

“It was a great show, and the interaction with the audience created an engaging and enjoyable piece of theatre… It is so much better than just sitting down to watch a show and gives a completely different vibe and experience to theatre goers! … It had the ability to either allow you to become part of the performance or sit on the side depending on how confident you were, (although the whole atmosphere seemed to make everybody feel comfortable!) “ 

“A very jolly evening. I enjoyed the audience-participation… I thought the building of the city gates was very clever. Good songs, too! I also liked the policeman…”

The audience is involved at every stage – there’s dancing, singing, and a riotous Stinxville Rebellion!


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