Patchwork Lives – Vocal at the New Art Exchange

In Arms at EgmantonHats off to Glenis and all the fantastic New Art Exchange staff who made Vocal such a successful International Women’s Day event last week. We performed Patchwork Lives to a packed full-house of local women – missing out the interval because of time-constraints. It was a tiring but very satisfying day. After the performance, a panel of female experts spoke. They were from various areas, including the Crown Prosecution Service, The Women’s Centre, Anti-Domestic Violence groups, support groups for women from the Sudan and Uganda, and Blue Mountain, a charity helping black and asian women through the menopause.

There was some passionate and moving discussion, and some lovely comments about how Patchwork Lives has an international relevance, because so many of the stories it contains are about women everywhere. Anna and I felt proud and uplifted by the whole event.

Thank you NAE!


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