Hurrah for The Soroptimists!

2 canaries B&W

Ria Ashcroft and Hannah Stone in Arletty Theatre’s ‘Swan Canaries’.

We’re delighted to say that the fabulous Nottingham Soroptimists have given us a grant toward getting Swan Canaries up and flying, so we’re literally singing their praises these days. It’s great to have a local group supporting local creative projects. We’re equally delighted that the performance forming part of Stapleford Remembers on Saturday August 2nd is going ahead. We’re very excited to be part of Stapleford’s wonderful community commemorations.

It’s all been incredibly busy at Arletty Theatre over the last few weeks.Getting ready to produce our next, and most ambitious show, is certainly taking some planning. There’s been the applications for funding of course, but also lots and lots of meetings with fantastic creative-types, to discuss how we’re going to do it all. Ange and I meet each week for pre-production planning, and I’ve been talking to various members of the University of Nottingham’s faculty about the areas of research we want to cover for the play.

And there’s been the matter of choosing the songs for the show. It’s incredible how many I know – not just wartime songs, but old Music Hall melodies. They seem to drift down through the generations. We had a look at the work of the great Ella Shields, who was a real revelation. Wonderful stuff.

Tickets for the Radcliffe British Legion performance of Swan Canaries on June 21st are selling like hot-cakes on Eventbrite. We will be putting tickets for more of the performances on there. We just need to ensure all the venues are happy with the numbers available first. Patchwork Lives performances in Trowell and Forest Town take place at the end of May.

Buxton Fringe is going to be great, and the excitement is building as we prepare for that. Chats with Jane Streeter about Lowdham Book Festival are always a pleasure, and we can’t wait to be part of this fantastic event in June. They have lots of great World War I themed talks and performances programmed. The only downside for us is that we’ll be getting ready for our own performance, and won’t be able to see all of them. We’ll soak up as much as we can!


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