Creating a “Musical Fantasy”…

We create plays with music, rather than musicals, so what to call our forthcoming piece “Saving Declan Clare”? It’s a play set over two continents, about love, loss and kidnapping…. with songs. So I’ve settled on the term “musical fantasy”. I wanted to explore the fantasy worlds so many of us create in our busy lives, when, despite all our fabulous communication tools, we feel lonely, bored or unfulfilled.

Declan Clare is a hugely successful film-maker, but his three failed marriages are testament to his work-life contradicting his private-life. He now finds himself trapped in his expensive Manhattan apartment dreaming of his first love, Katie Cullen, whom he met when he was sixteen and living on the Galway coast.

Meanwhile… living on that same Irish coast, Deechy Flynn paints beautiful paintings and lives the life of a recluse, just because she never really learned another way to live. Except now she is finally free to do as she pleases, and what pleases Deechy is not necessarily normal, acceptable or even strictly legal…

Looking forward to reading through the first draft later this month.

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