The Unfurling unfurls this July


Our fantastical ‘tail’ with a twist unfurls at Buxton and tours this July!

Cruel Fashionista Indigo Higgins, who loves to pick on Cinderella-supermodel Flea, cracks the whip once too often. The magical Ramshackle Crew intervenes with magical mischief, and Indigo’s world changes forever!

Its been a packed few months, with me off touring as ‘Tabby Tall’ in Big Window’s ‘One Finger One Thumb’, ‘Swan Canaries’ performing to a sell-out audience in Sawley, writing my new play ‘Bonner Mox’ for New Perspectives EP programme, and ‘The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins’ previewing with scratch performances at NAE and the Pikelet Factory.

I’m really looking forward to this allegorical musical about body-confidence rehearsing and workshopping this summer. We’ll be working with young people to explore the play’s issues and design their own ‘animal’ style costumes to take part in the fashion show at the end of the performance.

Look out for high-jinx with the wickedly foxy Woodsman, and the gorgeous clowning of Flea, the eccentric supermodel. We’ll be doing two performances in Buxton on July 24th and 26th, and one at the lovely St Peter’s Centre in Mansfield on July 25th. ‘Bonner Mox’ tours with New Perspectives from July 6th.


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