And We’re Off…. “Patchwork Lives” Tour Begins!

Maria's Miracle

Anna Sanderson as the Ghost telling the story of “Maria’s Miracle”.

Our tour of the new production, Patchwork Lives, has now officially begun…. and after an initially scary start (there are around 16,000 words in this two-hander, and it was all a bit nerve-wracking at first) we’re starting to throughly enjoy the story of Quilter and the Ghost. Here is a sample of the lovely feedback we’ve had so far:

“I really enjoyed last nights performance, you were both excellent and enthralling…I was captivated by the stories as they unfolded, leaving me wanting to hear more of them… I am hoping to come again when you are at St Peters, as a couple of my friends were unable to make it last night, and I know they will be enchanted also...”

Thursday’s opening night at Create went well, and the second night at Chilwell Arts Theatre benefitted from our feeling relaxed and more at home with the characters. Both audiences were lovely – several story-contributors amongst them – so it’s always a teeny bit more electric when you know you’re repeating someone’s personal experience in their own words! Our thanks to Adam Pownall and Michael Schillinger at the venues for all their help.

Next Saturday we’re at Nottingham Contemporary’s The Space, for a 7pm show. Hope to see you there…


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