Gathering Tales from a Community

Photo of Mary Read and Anne Bonny

As we look forward to performing “Patchwork Lives” at St. Peter’s Centre Mansfield next Thursday, I’ve been looking over some of the amazing stories we’ve collected, and continue to collect, from the people of Nottinghamshire. Above is a picture of those dread pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, given to us by Dan from Mansfield, who now figure in “The Ballad of Mary Read” in the show. We project this picture, and many of those of other characters in the stories, on to a screen during the play, so that people get a glimpse of the women we’re portraying. I’m always trying to sneak a peek at the screen, as I love seeing them during the performance.

We’ve now had 18 story-gatherings, attended by over 250 people, and rising. I was with a wonderful group of mothers at the New Art Exchange a couple of weeks ago, and at Westfield Folk House last Friday with some lovely young people. One of them gave us the story of Malala, the remarkable young woman who has continued to defend the right of women to be educated, despite having been shot for her views. We can’t wait to perform at St. Peters, which features in the play, and then on to Buxton and more touring! Meanwhile, the quilt continues to grow…


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